Caller made me cry


I work in the call center for a financial institution. A woman called in saying she received some mail from us about her account. When I opened the call with my intro, she asked “Are you a real person?” I’ve received this question from callers before so I didn’t make much of it, and just cheerily assured her I was a real person. I asked about the account she was calling about so I could verify her in our system. I proceeded to start trying to verify her by asking some basic questions. She abruptly screamed into my headphones “I DON’T WANT TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS.” I explained to her verification is always necessary and she started ranting about how she didn’t trust me and accusing us of being a scam. I understood that I basically wouldn’t be able to verify her at this point. I recommend she pull up her account online or call in again. I hung up after that recommendation but felt awful from the call afterward because of how abruptly she had gotten angry and nasty.


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