"You’re not going to do something I don’t like, are you?"

I work for a travel agency affiliated with a major bank and back doing travel reservations as call shot up due to summer travel. I get a lady who has been with us for many years (You can already see where this is going) who is incapable of reading her itinerary, asking simple questions, and checking in for her flight.

Nope, she calls in, already irritated because of her hold time and asks for me to check her and her husband in for her flight. The reason she couldn’t do so, even though she says she knows how to, is because we didn’t give her the airline record locator and “the other girl” did it for her outbound flight. Due to disclosures, we recommend clients to check in themselves online or at the airport. But “Sharon” insists that I do it after telling her. I could’ve given her the record locator located on her itinerary and she could’ve checked in online in 2 minutes.

Me: I’d be happy to provide you your record locator so that you could check in.

Sharon: The other girl did it for me! I’m sure you can do it too.

Me: *pulling up the airline website* I’ll do it but just to let you know, I’ll have to advise you all the disclosures.

Sharon: Yeah, yeah, that’s fine.

There was a pause while I was plugging in her record locator and getting ready to check in.

Sharon: *out of nowhere* …You’re not going to do something I don’t like, are you?

Me: …Excuse me?

Sharon: I said, you’re not going to do something I don’t like, are you? You know, I’ve been with you for 20 years, we’re not going to have a problem, are we?

Me: *tempted to tell her she can check in at the airport with her bags and her attitude if she doesn’t trust me but decide to play the dumb card* I’m sorry, I don’t understand the issue here. I’m about to check in for you?

Sharon: *scoffs* Nevermind, just forget about it and check me in.

So I proceeded to check in. And proceeded to read her every single disclosure, which I took pleasure in doing because I could tell it was further irritating her but she couldn’t complain because I told her in the beginning. Call took 12 minutes. If she would’ve just let me give her the record locator, it would’ve taken her 2 minutes to do it herself.

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