I’m burned out

So I’ve been out of my call center because I had a panick / anxiety attack that forced me to get medical assistance and I’m under anxiolytic for now to check if this could help with a psychological treatment instead of harder antidepressants drugs.

I’ve been trough the last months under a great pressure, personal and financial that luckily are almost resolved, but yet having the shitty job.

Everything got worse during this August, for these reasons:

1- The Quality bonus has irreal metrics so I have not been able to reach it, and this is important in my finantial situation

2- Recently there is a new project with the same client that I was “invited” to go. I did not really wanted tocgo, but on the past, the call center under deceive moved other people to that project, so before the hypocrisy of “having a choice” turns in “For operational needs we need you there” I “accepted”.

3- The training for that new project matched my vacation period so I was unable to assist, and instead of rescheduling the training for me with another group, they made me take two “intensive” days of training, that served nothing.

Something I have to add, a triggervof bad mood and frustration for me is not knowing what to do and not having someone to consult makes it worse, this is important because:

4- They put me on a regular queue receiving contact after contact, with no chances of project, pause or anything to process the after call work, and for that exact reason, nobody eas available to answer questions (is work at home).

5- I had a panic attack and put myself offline, they took 2 hours to realize that and I expressed this, during those 2 hours I was crying alone. Their efforts to make me feel better made the exact opposite effect and made everything worse, so they told me to take the rest of the day.

6- Next day, being hesitant, I logged in and reviewed the contacts, after so, again the previous thing happened, no time between calls, not knowing what to do, no one to consult, I exploded, called urgency and after that I got messages scolding me for missing calls, not worrying for what the hell happened to me.

I’m under medical rest / medical license until next week and seriously considering to resign, but I do need the money. An ex coworker suggested me to stay but giving no fucks, staying on project so I don’t get calls, go to my own pace and not giving fucks to possible sanctions.

What do you suggest?

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