Oh the humanity

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I used to work for the call center of a certain cell phone company back in 07 and this older man calls in furious and just cussing away and how we sold him a phone that doesn’t work and how he’s going to sue us! Me – Me DF – dude face

So I start prodding,

Me: “what’s seems to be the problem, how does the phone ‘not work’?”

DF: “I’ve had my phone plugged in all night but when I went to turn it on this morning the piece of shit you sold me won’t turn on!”

Me: “ok, so when you charge the phone does it respond to the charge, do the little bars on phone move like it’s filling up?”

DF: very angry and annoyed “yes” So I start looking at different settings in the account just to make sure everything is squared away and it is. For this next part, remember it was 2007 and it was still the age of flip phones.

Me: “just to verify, how are you turning the phone on?”


Me: “Sir, do you see that little red phone key? Could you hold that button down for 5-10 seconds please?”

DF: “oooooh there it goooes!”

That is time I can never get back ladies and gentlemen

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"You’re not going to do something I don’t like, are you?"

no point to this story really