Please continue to tell me how I’m horrible at providing customer service, thank you.

A caller got on my line today and verified some very basic info. At my work with partner with some other companies for ordering but it’s very minimal stuff, like auditing, approvals, etc, but it populates some customer info in my system. She began telling me how she placed an order online and gave me these timelines and everything is empty. I’m checking all my possible spots to find what the hell she’s yelling at me about, and finally I find it in our partner tab.

I explain briefly this order is being processed by our partner and gave her their line to get more info, as I have nothing indicating shipping timelines, fulfillment status, nothing other than our partner info and approval status.

This was the wrong move. She began telling me how COVID has ruined her whole life and how I’m being lazy by not sending her the item she ordered (I don’t even have that info either,) and that I’m the third person “sitting on my thumb doing nothing for her” after she called a competitor, the manufacturer, and now my line to rant about availability and why it hasn’t shipped. When I asked if she tried calling the company she placed the order through she said “No, because they’re just going to give me the same answer as you all! Just cancel my order I’m going to (competitor’s name).” And then hung up.

I sat there bewildered, but literally couldn’t do anything, so… I really hope her order gets canceled?

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