People who panic saying "helloOOoooOOOoooOOOooo?????"

There are people who call in to the call center and the second the call hits your line, before you can even greet them you hear them say a panicked and rude helloo???? I’m just like dang give it a second.Also what’s rude is like a coworker will have someone on hold letting me know they’re going to transfer a customer to me. Then they add the customer to the call and say “hellooo? anybody there helooooOOOoo?” And the customer has like this frustrated like “yes…. yes im here.” Like there’s just something failing big about call etiquette with that. If you put someone hold you don’t return to their call by saying helooooooo????? It just comes across so rude and unprofessional and just plain obnoxious.Then of a lesser tier, you have someone who every time they hear the call go quiet for literally 3 – 5 seconds they say hello? where’d you go? And you’re like i’m right here sorry just working on the issue you’re calling about. And literally a minute later they do it again saying “hello?!?!? … Oh i thought i lost you.” So you try to just constantly speak the whole time you’re working so they’ll stop shouting hello at you every couple minutes. I just feel like they’re trolling or just being rude, indicating “work faster i’m ready to get off the phone.” Adding to that, hearing people say “are you done yet?” and “how much longer is this gonna take?” can be so infuriating when you’re clicking and typing away as fast as you can under all the average call handle times you’re suppose to keep and doing your best to help them quickly. It’s just really stressful at times. We’re talking about a call that lasts 5-10 minutes where this person is like “jeez what’s taking so long, can you hurry it up?” It’s just so rude to me tbh.

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I’m not the stupid one in this situation, buddy.

Did you look in the drawer?