Did you look in the drawer?

I work at an IT help desk for a university. We mainly deal with a lot of classroom equipment calls (projectors, microphones, etc) this time of year. I got a call from an IT person from a college that has one of the various classrooms we support and immediately they start going off.

M= me (university IT support) and IT= IT college support

IT: “There is no microphone in this room and you guys said there was, I need this fixed NOW, I have an instructor with me and this is unacceptable”.

M: “what building and room are you in”

IT: “room 163 blah blah building”

I pull up the internal documentation for the room which includes photos of the room. The photos clearly show a labeled microphone drawer in the lectern with the other room equipment. We try to troubleshoot all issues over the phone if at all possible so I start my usual spiel of “have you checked the lectern..” and immediately get cut off.

IT: “NO I have already checked the whole room there is no microphone, just have someone bring me one”

This classroom is a good 15-minute walk away from my office so I really want to make sure the microphone is missing before I beat feet across campus.

M: “Ok, have you checked the lectern microphone drawer”

IT: “THERE IS NO DRAWER, I don’t understand why you don’t understand this”

M: “I am looking at a photo of the room, there should be a microphone drawer that has a label, have you opened the lectern?”

IT: “There is NOTHING to open, can I speak to someone else that knows what’s in this room”

They continue to angrily ramble and I just cut them off

M: “The giant wooden thing the monitor is on should have a door, have you opened it? and do you see a big blocky thing with lights and buttons? There should be a drawer with a label on the second row for the microphone drawer”

They stop complaining enough to listen to my instructions and open the lectern finally to find the labeled drawer with the microphone inside.

IT: “This is really hidden you know…it blends right in”

M: “Indeed it is, that’s why we had to add the labels. Did you require any additional assistance today?”

Then they just hung up. No thanks or anything. I get being mad if it wasn’t there, but they didn’t even really try to look around first, just assumed since it wasn’t laying out in the open that it must not have one.

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