I’m not the stupid one in this situation, buddy.

Long time, no see ya’ll!

Had a guy callin to ask about his bill, wondering why it was so high when he just made the payment. I explained that he had a payment the previous month that had been returned. Even with me literally saying “I’m sorry but it looks like you had a payment returned last month, so you’ve got the past payment added back, a returned payment fee and the current month’s billing on one bill” he didn’t understand (or was playing dumb to try to get out of the RPF) either way, he told me he wanted a supervisor because I was “too stupid to understand his problem” I asked for a sup and he waited like 2 minutes before hanging up. Never did call back.

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how do they smell?

People who panic saying "helloOOoooOOOoooOOOooo?????"