Call takers put anything through it seems

You guys. I can’t deal right now. For those that don’t know, I work emergency roadside assistance.

We just got a call and in the notes, it said that the service the member wanted wasn’t covered but the member wanted us to have one our garages come out and they would pay them cash.

What is the problem with the car, you ask? Nothing. Their bike rack fell off and they couldn’t get it to reattach so they wanted us to send someone to come out and tow the bike rack and bikes, to the next town over to get them off the highway.

Maybe this doesn’t seem crazy to you guys, but this should never had even made it through. None of our garages would ever entertain the thought. I don’t know a single garage that would be willing to go out and tow someone’s bike. We told the member they could call around to other garages but that none of our could help. But really? I get that you’re on the highway and can’t get the rack to go back on but still. Unless these are very expensive bikes, it’s not worth the money a tow company would charge you. (If you can find one)

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