I thought it was my stimulus!

So I recently got moved off this super cool project where I was never on the phones, from the credit card collections team where it was slow, to the Claims department. Which is busy as hell.

I actually really like it. 6/10 people are just trying to get their money back with varying degrees of temperament but at least when they’re angry it’s directed at the situation and is easy to get them at least neutral and 3/10 need to be directed elsewhere. That last person out of 10? They will be the stupidest and some of the rudest/angriest callers. Who are mad at themselves for being stupid. But do nothing to fix it. So they stay mad.

Which brings us to the quote in the title. The CMs account had been compromised, as in identity theft compromised. A bunch of claims were opened and credits were issued (bank policy). Really shitty situation overall. Well, she reported them as fraudulent and we reversed the credits because they were not due. She was informed they’d be taken back at the time they were closed.

She gets to me, and wants to know why she’s being punished for something she didn’t do. I go over why they were reversed, and she agrees that she was told. However…

“But I thought it was my stimulus so I spent it”

“We’ll ma’am, unfortunately you do owe those funds as they were the credits”

“But how was I supposed to know”

“The credits would be marked as reversals, so you’d know why those funds entered”

And we go back and forth like this for a few minutes. After about the 10th time I heard “but I thought it was my stimulus”, I had to mute myself and take a minute. Not because I was mad or angry, but because the only thing I could think to say was “well, it wasn’t, and it’s not really our fault”.

Eventually I get her to our escalations line, but holy shit. I get it, it’s a lot of money. At the same time, we didn’t hide where the money comes from. We didn’t spend the money. You admitted that you spent it. Top to bottom, it seems like a her problem rather than an anyone else problem.

Really wish I could’ve made that clear without coming across as an asshole.

Edit: just a PSA to check your bank accounts at least once a month. Preferably more. Outside of 60 days, debit card and ACH transactions may be lost for good.

Also, if you have T-Mobile, do a quick check of your accounts. They had a data breach and a bunch of info released. So keep your money safe!

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