That’s the whole purpose of the form

Customer: I tried to claim but the site said I need to call you because my software linking ID is not linked or registered to our account.

Me: looks at account-sees no linking ID in place…..”have you completed and sent us linking form?”

Customer: yes. We sent that in.

Me: looks for form Ma’am the form you sent us was in July 2020 and does not have a software ID in Q12.

Customer: Yes I know, we didn’t have it back then. That’s why I’m calling now , so you can add it to the form.

Me: I can’t just add that to the form for you. You need put it on the form and sign the declaration.

Customer: But I have already signed the form and the declaration. Just add it for me. That’s why I’m ringing.

Me: You will need to complete the form and send it to us again.

Customer: can’t you you print it and write it on there for me?

Me: Ma’am I can’t complete it for you.

Customer: Why can’t you just add it in to my account?

Me: Ma’am , you need to send a newly completed form, the whole purpose of that form is to register the software ID and link it to your account. If there’s no ID in Q12 we have nothing to link….

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I thought it was my stimulus!

i start to think that my job is responsible for my depression and anxiety / addiction