You have my phone number that is enough.

For the most part my job is fairly easy going. We only deal with businesses and very rarely have difficult calls. Today I had a guy call up and he comes on saying you have my phone number right? Yes I do sir. Can I get your business name, address, pin, and your own name please. He then goes on to say no. I have given you enough. Who is my account manager? I again repeat we need to complete validation with you first before we proceed. He then explodes, saying he has been on 10 times today, he hadn’t, and he wants to speak to a supervisor or his account manager now! I again explain to him I cannot do this until validation is complete. So your refusing to help me? Whats your name? Where do you live? I again go into robot mode repeating the same thing that we need to complete validation before we proceed as part of DPA. He then wanted me to email him as to why I would not help him and cite European law where his phone number is not enough. I told him at that point that unfortunately I would need to end the call as without validation I would be unable to assist him. After 10mins of this he finally completes validation. It was 17:40 at that point. His account manager was finished for the day and I told him the previous agent had already emailed the account manager 30mins ago to follow up with him. He had a large outstanding bill he was trying to get reduced and then wanted me to credit him a couple thousand which I nor my manager would be able to do as no one on that late has approval to credit that amount, which he would not be entitled anyways as he has already been credited 20% as a goodwill gesture. At the end of the call he reminded me how unhelpful we all are and how it is ridiculous he has to give out such personal details.

This is very rare. We have a couple regulars like this, but they are manageable. Adds a little excitement to the day.

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I miss him, even though I never met him 🤣

I thought it was my stimulus!