Y’all I’m tired …

This is not a tale and I don’t work in a call center (I work for a small hospital and collections calls are the worst part of my job), but I had to tell someone and I thought some of you might appreciate and/or could relate to this.

If you recall, I posted a couple of days ago about Bonnie, who had Garth Brooks blaring in the background during our call. She was by far the highlight of my work week.

I placed 97 past-due calls this week – in addition to my normal tasks.

Collections is not the primary focus of my job and I’ve had to let other things fall by the wayside to get thru the massive list I had this week, but I did it!

I didn’t know who else would appreciate this feat besides any of you who are in the collections biz. I’m tired for all of us right now. And I hope we all have a fabulous weekend!

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