Guy refuses to send locksmith needed info and gets mad at us

Sorry for poor title. Also this one isn’t very exciting or anything but just another example of someone refusing to help themselves and getting mad at others because of it.

So for those that don’t know, I work ERS. One of the things we cover is making you a new key (only up to a certain amount) when you lose it or the old key isn’t working/broken. We had a call yesterday that came in and the guy needed a new key. We give the locksmith the info and proceed to forget about the call. After a couple of hours, the locksmith calls us back and tells us that the member is refusing to send them a picture of their ID and registration.

The locksmith won’t make the key until they get this info because they need to make sure you’re the actual owner of the car before they make it. The locksmith also stated that the member has been very argumentative since the beginning. So at this point, I called the member to see what was going on and let them know that the locksmith won’t proceed until they get the needed info.

Guy doesn’t answer. So I left him a voicemail letting him know he can call us if he has any questions/concerns if that was why he was refusing. Otherwise he needs to send the locksmith the info. I ended up checking back to see if the member called back and he did. But he didn’t have any questions for us. No he was upset because he didn’t have a new key yet and the person that got him told him we cancelled the call since we couldn’t reach him and since he refused to provide the needed info so that upset him even more and he ended up hanging up.

I just don’t understand why people will intentionally make things harder for themselves. How hard is it to send a picture? If you weren’t comfortable with send a pic, then maybe figure out another way to get the info to the locksmith instead of turning it into an issue.

Part of me wonders if he just didn’t want to give the info because it wasn’t his car. We have had people breakup with their SO and then try to use us to get their car from the other person b/c the other person took the keys. Or they tried having us make a new key for their car because it’s in the shop and they don’t want to pay for the repair so they think they can just steal it back. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the member was just trying to take this car for whatever reason.

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