I love old people

Disclaimer: I do not work in a call center. I work for a small hospital and the part of my job I hate the most is past-due calls.

I just wanted to share this little story because I thought it was funny and hopefully it’ll give some of y’all a little chuckle, too.

I need to start a blog and call it the “I Love Old People Chronicles.”

Today I had Bonnie (not her real name), the most darling 74-year-old who had Garth Brooks playing so loud I could hear him better than I could hear her. Bonnie told me at various points during our conversation, “I’m so sorry, but I’m having trouble hearing you, honey.”

I just shut my door so I could talk a little louder and kept on truckin’.

Bonnie also told me she’s sorry it’s going to take so long to pay off her bill (five payments, so actually not bad at all) but promised she will have it paid off “before [she] goes to the great beyond.”

I mean, how does one even respond to that? lol

Bonnie was the highlight of my Wednesday, for sure. Past-due calls don’t get any better than that!

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