Ever had a customer/client leave a lasting impression/memory on you?

I think about this often…

this is sad

Back in 2018 about 6 months into my bank call center job I got a call from this woman who was maybe early-to mid 30s. She called about statements? I think? I honestly can’t remember. But we got to talking and I serviced her account and as some customers do, she started telling me about what was going on in her life and why she was so pressed to get this taken care of. She told me she has terminal cancer. There was an inoperable tumor in her brain and doctors said she would be dead in the next 6 months. When she told me that my heart shattered for her. I didn’t know what to say other than I am so sorry to hear that. Like I was still fresh on the job and I was genuinely speechless. She started crying and telling me that she was so scared and afraid for her kids (4 and 6). She said she’s worried how they’re going to react and get on without her and if her husband were to get remarried she hoped they would accept her as their new stepmom. She just kept saying she had to be strong for herself and them but she was so tired. She wanted to give up. I gave her a few words of encouragement that may have meant nothing to her but I felt like it needed to be said. I cried on the phone and tried to crack a joke about how my supervisor was looking at me crazy for crying on the floor and she laughed so I felt good about it. After we hung up I had to excuse my self to clean my face and it was like the water works just wouldn’t stop for a good 10 minutes.

I think about her so often. I know she’s probably passed at this point, but in my head she somehow beat cancer and is with her kids and that’s how I kind of deal with it. I will never forget that moment crying on the phone while at work with a complete stranger. Call center jobs really suck sometimes but that was more of an eye opening moment for me that didn’t suck.

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