I was not the one to mess with today.

Hi hi fellow phone jockeys!!!

I’m a veteran at a scheduling call center and to say I’ve worked there too long is an understatement.

I have a lot of things going on personally, and typically I am able to shut that off for work but for previously mentioned reasons, I wasn’t as willing to put up with Karen’s and Richards today.

So Richard called in to move his appointment. I obliged and we agreed on a new time. The convo goes as follows;

Richard: make sure your rep calls me before to ensure I’m home.

Me: I understand sir, but your rep will be driving from a previous appointment so to comply with safety laws, they are not permitted to be on the phone while driving. This is a set appointment so you can expect him at the agreed upon time

Richard: well you’ll be wasting your time if I’m not home.

Me: Sir, if this time isn’t the best we can move to a time that is more convenient for you, or if something should come up feel free to give our office a call and we’ll be happy to make changes. Our policy + the law does not permit the reps to use their cell phones while driving.

Richard: OR I can just cancel my appointment since you wanna be a fucking bitch.

Me: okay, I’ll cancel you out. Have a great day! click

I don’t reward adult tantrums 🙂

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