Silence is golden.

I love my job, I love to help people and it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I’ve gotten to the point that when confrontational customers say something rude or obnoxious I just PAUSE.

It’s not long, maybe a few seconds of silence but it really drives the point home: Sir/ma’am, you are an arsehole.

One example of this week’s standout Karen.

K- Karen, Me- unsuspecting and indubitably tired of arseholes being rude.

K: You guys are ridiculous, you should know this device I’m trying to troubleshoot for God sake.

  • Spoiler, its a device we don’t sell that she brought from a different provider *


Me: Ma’am, we are a service provider, we provide service to your device, we do not manufacture it.

That reigned her in pretty quickly.

Don’t know how/why people think that being obnoxious or rude to the people that can help you is beneficial.

Did you know that I can hang up on you and make it look like I’m having system issues?!?

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