I said “oh god” when I thought the call was over but it wasn’t…

I work in HVAC and I set up appointments for the sale consultants to visit customers who want new equipment. Im basically just the scheduler.

Customer calls in and starts demanding a discount. I don’t give discounts, the sale consultant does. She says she was told to call me for a discount by the sale consultant. this happens sometimes where the sales consultant directs the customer to us if they don’t want to deal with them. I tell the customer there’s nothing I can do and that it’s the consultant who gives the discount.

Customer doesn’t like this and continues to badger me for a discount. Real nasty demanding attitude. I end up telling her I’ll email the consultant to see what’s going one. She says fine and goodbye . A few second pass I assume the call is over cuz I don’t hear anything. I don’t check my screen and say “oh god!” Cuz I’m frustrated. The customer then says “I can still hear you!” I was mortified.

On top of that turns out my manager was live listening to my call. She calls me after and tells me she won’t personally write me up but if QA picks this call I’m basically screwed.

I hate my job but hope I don’t get fired.

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