Troubleshoot at a specific location, doesn’t know the location

(Also heavy language barrier) M- Me C- Customer

M: May I have the address of the location where we are having the issue?

C: I don’t know.

M: Is this the billing address?

C: Sure you can check there.

M: Is this where you have been having the issue?

C: No, at my job.

M: Okay, may I have that address please?

C: I don’t have it. I’m at heeeooofshinlbcktxs (basically I couldn’t understand a word regarding his location)

M: Okay, sir, I wasn’t able to understand that location, would you be able to provide a street address?

C: No, just look at my home address.

M: Well, you had mentioned there wasn’t an issue there.

C: That’s right, but I work about 30 minutes away from there so just look at that.

M: Unfortunately, that location isn’t experiencing service issues, so that wouldn’t be an accurate place for us to try to pinpoint the cause of the outage or problem.

C: I don’t care, I just want it fixed!

M: And I totally understand that, sir, but if we don’t know where it’s happening, then we don’t know if there is an outage, or maybe a tower is affected by weather, or possibly we simply don’t have service there. Another factor may be large buildings or geographical obstructions.

C: And you can’t tell that if I tell you the city I’m in?? I’m in heeeooofshinlbcktxs.

M: No, sir. One part of the city may be perfectly fine, while the part of town you’re in may have service issues. And honestly, I’m having a difficult time understanding where you’re located.

This continued for eleven minutes without a single shred of information being given as to where this person was.

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