I, a hispanic woman, was discriminatory…towards another hispanic woman

That’s pretty much the whole post. Didn’t even get to what she needed before she wanted a supervisor. I asked for her name and she said her VERY HISPANIC name very fast in a heavy accent and my brain, which can understand 60% of Spanish in the right setting, did a record scratch moment and i basically had two choices: ask her to repeat herself or ask her if she needed the Spanish line. Looking back, yeah I know, but my brain had hiccuped. She went off, and of course I apologized and told her I had misunderstood what she said initially and didn’t mean to offend because I’m also hispanic.

“So do I talk to you in Spanish or English?”

“English, please.”

Then she went off and I guess my ethnicity doesn’t count because I prefer to speak English? I’m second generation so my Spanish isn’t conversational it’s 3 years of high school because my parents never taught me. Honestly she was probably just trying to be mad, which is fine, but goddamn it was a slow night otherwise.

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