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u/AuntySocialite posted a quick read on tales from call centers from the POV of the consumer which reminded me of this.

Over the past year+ with Covid, covidiots, overwork, constantly changing rules and requirements – I’ve noticed y’all are getting a bit worn out. This little tale is just a very heartfelt thank you, you are appreciated and a reminder that 99% of the time y’all are a Shiney Special example of outstanding customer service

So with that long winded babble out of the way…it was 2015(?) a simpler time. Bf and I are driving to a cousin’s wedding. Cousins wedding is held in Toronto. I being the smart cookie that I am booked a room through the hotel’s website vs. some third party nonsense.

Bf and I leave in plenty of time to get to the hotel to drop off our crap and get changed/ready for said wedding….

Except this is Toronto and my BF had a blonde moment.

BF looks at map and goes we don’t need to stay on the highway as long as map is saying, we can get off Highway at X point and just drive straight until we reach the hotel. While this was TECHNICALLY correct BF did not account for Toronto Traffic….

An hour and a half later….

We finally get to hotel, check in was at 3…it’s 4:30…k fine no big deal deep breaths wedding is at 5, and another 20 minutes away from Hotel…

Get to counter, appropriate greetings exchanged.

Front Desk Staff – I’m sorry your room isn’t ready yet

…..😳😳😳 boyfriend backs away slowly, eye is twitching as I am desperately trying to remember that this person is just the messanger

Me – I’m sorry, could you repeat that?

FDS – Unfortunately Housekeeping hasn’t cleared/cleaned your room yet, can you come back in half an hour or so?

Me -😳😳😳 but check in is at 3…it’s 4:30…doesn’t that mean my room should be ready?

FDS – ideally yes but like I said unfortunately housekeeping hasn’t made it there quite yet.

At this point I am dissolving into garbled one word comments Check in 3 – room should be ready, it’s 4:30, room isn’t ready…wedding…5pm… Need to change…shit…bangs head on desk while my brain shuts down as I’m trying to figure out what to do.

FDS dude is tapping away while I am repeating to myself – not his fault not housekeeping fault, shit happens, I wonder if I can change/do make up in the truck without looking like I had a seizure🤔

…A few minutes later…

FDS – So because of this inconvenience we are going to upgrade you to a king suite at no extra cost. We are terribly sorry about that.

Me – so…I have a room now? I can go into immediately

FDS – yes

Me- Well thank Fork!! Let’s go!!

Don’t know what happened, don’t care what happened, I’m just grateful that instead of telling me sorry there isn’t anything we can do or just repeating “come back later” that this dude upgraded me and saved me the experience of showing up to my cousin’s wedding looking like a 5yr old did my make up.

Keep up the amazing work!! And if the Covidiots or general Yahoo’s start getting even more out of hand, I recommend a slingshot and ice cubes…the evidence melts 😘😘

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