She spoke in third person

Just when you feel like you’ve been in call center work long enough to have heard it all…

This caller verified herself and everything was normal. Then when we finally got to the reason for the call, she starts referring to herself in third person. “She wants to see if she qualifies for a loan.” I said oh okay, who wants to see if they qualify? And she says her name (Alicia for sake of this story). I was so confused. So I ask “And you are Alicia, correct?” And she answers yes. I decided to ask a couple more questions for security sake, and she keeps referencing to herself in third person. (She wants to do this, Alicia needs to apply for a loan). Not something I can help with anyway, ended up transferring her.

I’ve worked at various call centers ranging in security from baby gate to Fort Knox. At Fort Knox level security jobs, ANY indication AT ALL that the member is being impersonated would mean immediately ceasing assistance and escalating the call to a supervisor. At my new baby gate job, the loan officer I transferred the member to gave no care at all when I pointed out the potential suspicious activity to them prior to transferring.

Have you ever had a caller speak in third person? Did you address it, did it throw you for a loop like it did me? I’ve been berated and called names, asked inappropriate questions, and caught people straight up impersonating others. But THIS one really threw me for a loop.

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