Leaving my Customer Service Job

Ok so I joined the customer service job for one of the biggest (I guess the biggest) E-commerce company in the world back in July 2020. I was doing nothing and I felt like some income would really help me. I was actually waiting for my final year exams of my bachelor’s degree in computer science as they were postponed due to COVID-19. Since I had no idea when my exams were going to take place, I joined this company as customer service associate. I live in India. Now for the first 3 weeks things were great as we only had training. But after that, things were not great.

I was supposed to handle both calls and emails for the middle East countries. It was not a great thing. I had to solve emails while I was even talking to the customers. The customers are extremely rude and literally had to fight and tell them that their package will arrive in a couple of days. And yes! After the call I would send a survey and surely, since I was not able to bring him the package with my magical powers, the customers would give me a NO saying I did not help the customer.

Fast forward two months, it was the end of September. We had graduation week and thankfully I was able to fetch enough Yes to graduate. My shift timing then was 3 pm to 12 am which for me was descent. But then I was moved to support the calls from Canada. My shift timings since October 2020 till this day is 11 pm to 8 am which is the worst thing! Canadians are mostly polite but some customers literally suck the air out of me. They insult me and give slang words just cause they they never got their item or received their item damaged. Even during my weekoffs I only sleep cause I have no energy.

Now, in October 2020 I had my final year exams and thankfully I was able to graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Now since I was stuck in this job, I had to postpone my joining for other jobs that were IT jobs since whenever I would talk to my manager about quitting, they would manipulate me into staying.

I’m done with this. Since October 2020, I haven’t slept at night, even during holidays cause whenever I close my eyes, I literally hear the ringtone and the calls hitting. During holidays, I would sleep by 5 in the morning. Finally, I took the risk nad applied for resignation. My last working day is April 4th. Finally, this journey will be over.

Specifically, I’m leaving so that I can prepare for my MBA entrance exams as I’m always inclined towards the banking sector and I will stay at home and prepare for my entrance exams. It is literally impossible to study while I’m doing this job.

Now the thing that bugs me is the people. My parents are supportive but my friends say that I’m doing a mistake.

Like literally!!! My mental health is in the worst state, my body has allergic reactions, I’m always sick and the only thing people care about is money. I’m 21 years old with a computer science degree, and surely I can find a better job than this. But more importantly, I can work on my future.

People only think earning money is the key. The fact is I have earned enough and more to support myself plus I’m a freelance writer and I can surely earn enough by doing something I love.

I’m really looking forward to leaving this giant e-commerce company who delivers all types of items to people all over the world.

This subreddit was the only thing that made me realise that I’m not in this alone. You guys rock! Call center employees are never appreciated or paid enough for the work they do. I literally have calls hitting me the whole night and I cannot even go to the bathroom if I want to till my break timing!

I’m really hopeful about my future. This job is like a dark phase in my life. My mental health is really in a bad place, my physical health issues are taking a toll on me and I’m just tired all the damn time.

I’m sorry if this was lengthy. You guys are the ones I can relate to. Thank you.

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