A story from the OTHER side of the phone

So, I recently had my driver’s license suspended after I’d fainted, struck my head, and given myself a concussion. Where I am, an incident like this is mandated by law for medical doctors to report to the MTO, for a medical suspension. You are issued a form for your doctor to fill out, once he has cleared you as safe to drive again.

I had sent mine in as soon as my doctor approved me, and after checking the portal daily to see if I was reinstated, with no change, I called in. I was told my original form had been missing two pages, and was asked to resubmit. I did so, via both fax and express mail (yes, I really REALLY wanted my license back).

Waited another week. No change in the portal. Called in, and was told that somehow, my forms were mis processed to the wrong office, and would – again – have to be re submitted. Oh, and once they were received, it could take another 30 days for them to process, as they are backed up due to Covid.

Do you know what I did NOT do?

I did not scream, or yell, or threaten, or freak out. I calmly agreed that WFH has been a chore, and that Covid really has buggered wait times. I politely asked for *their* opinion on the best way to re send my forms, joked about how and why the mis processing happened (it was an easily made mistake), and generally tried to be helpful and polite.

Because of this, I was given a sort of fast track way to re submit my forms. And, what a surprise, less than 24 hours later (hours, not days), the portal said my license was valid.

Now, if only all of OUR customers could learn that being polite, rational, and helpful with the very real person on the other end of the phone will always be more effective than being a raging, screaming, tantrum throwing dickhead.

Oh, and I gave them 5 stars across the board on their follow up customer survey, too.

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