QA upset I refused to give her the reaction she so desperately would have fed on.

Idiot enters my chat queue: forgot her password and her 7-year-old jurassic phone is security locked, and it can only be unlocked by entering her ID and password.

We can’t reset password because she forgot which email provider was even used as the rescue email and on top of that the email was never verified years ago when she first assigned it as rescue email.

So I offer another workaround which is to submit proof of purchase so we can remove the lock on the phone for use, but it will not recover access to device data or account ID.

Idiot reasons the phone was a gift from an ex boyfriend 5 years ago and they don’t talk anymore. I make up some bs story about having gone through it as well to try and relate/shut off the temper tantrums, but it doesn’t work.

“So I just throw the phone away if it’s worth nothing?” At this point IDGAF anymore about the sheer immaturity. I replied, “That’s your discretion though.”

Idiot proceeds to insult our company and processes and claims they love competitor company so much because everything is easy with them, so maybe they should boycott our products and services and switch to competitor.

My only response is a cold, “Okay. Do you need help with anything else?”

She didn’t reply and the automated system ended our chat.

QA reviews chat and while I 100% it due to process and options done right, they’re upset I could’ve been more sympathetic. I don’t give a flying fuck about empathy anymore, I’m in tech support and not babysitting job nor therapist.

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