Oh the irony, a Karen called me a Karen

I take new claims. A lady called about an existing claim.

Unfortunately at the time, that department was closed. I explained that to her and provided her multiple ways to contact the specific claim handler. It took me telling her multiple times that I can’t even see anything in the claim beyond the claim number and claim handlers information before she finally understood that I can’t help her.

This is when she starts calling me a dumb bitch. I’m not paid to get cussed out by people so I ask her to stop cussing at me or I will be forced to disconnect the call. This makes her start yelling at me while continuing to cuss.

At this point I’m not listening to her anymore and trying to finish the call by doing the usual company branding. But my ears register the word “Karen” when its thrown at me and I realize she’s calling me a Karen. Multiple times actually. I wish her a nice evening and end the call as she gets one last Karen out.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the tale of how I got called a Karen by a customer who was being a Karen.

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