Wanna be sexist or cuss? We will absolutely mess with you. We’re bored.

I used to work at a debt collection agency and one of my favorite things to do was if we got a sexist caller, I would make sure everybody knew the number and that only females were to pick it up. Once we’d make it through about 4 people it’d start to get boring though (that and we had OTHER work to do) so around the 5th time we’d let a male pick up the phone and typically Mr. Sexist would at that point ask to talk to a manager. Sure! Here’s our manager ‘Amanda’ (Not her real name of course).

We also did the same thing if you cussed at us:

Caller: “Did you fuckers hang up on me?!”

Me: “Yes, and we’ll do it again if you don’t stop cussing”

Caller: “Don’t you fucking d-“

Me: Click

Sometimes I miss that job

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Oh the irony, a Karen called me a Karen

"I deserve compensation for the hassle I’ve been through damnit!" – AKA the first time I’ve hung up on a customer