Driving me Crazy

So I just came from a non-customer facing job working at home for a year, to a customer facing call center job. Before this, I said I would never work at another call center again. But, I needed more money, the job I had was not paying enough, so I took the first opportunity shown to me. The upside, its a contractor for a government entity, so the pay is pretty decent. No weekends, no holidays. The benefits are pretty good. But the downside is that I just dont like the call center vibe I guess? It makes me uncomfortable, and I have anxiety as it is.

It doesn’t help that this job can be quite over qith all the information to keep track of, the learning curve. But more than that, I just hate feeling moniterned. This center is better than most. But I still have such a fear of taking phone calls from people who may or may not have complicated issues, of every state im im that’s not ready, of taking occurances, etc. It makes me feel constricted and I hate that feeling. I hate seeing the numbers of how many calls in que, (usually full) or everything being a timer counting up or down to something. Surely this is relatable? Sometimes I feel like a weirdo lol.

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