Late Bill

Cust: I got an e-mail saying my bill is late and past due

Me: No problem, I can take a look for you. Let me get your info

**Do the authentication process**

Me: Yes, their are two bills due. Last payment made was in January, you have the February bill due which is past the due date and the March bill is not due for two weeks

Cust: Can I make a payment?

Me: Sure. Do you want to pay just the past due balance or the whole thing?

Cust: I can do the whole thing just to make sure I dont miss it again. Do you mind waiving the late fee for me?

Me: I will see what I can do. Now, if we pay over the phone their is a $5 fee, but we can do it online for free at this website

Cust: The website is what I tried before calling and it says website error when trying to do it

Me: No problem, I will just mark it as such so you dont get charged. I am going to send you a link, it is the secure way to make the payment since I personally cant take payment info over the phone. Open the link, provide me the token code, and I will send you the secure payment screen to type info in

Cust: Ok, token code is ……….

Me: Perfect, now here is the screen, just put your name and the card info in you wanna use

Cust: Why does it ask me for a card number?

Me: That is where you put the card number for the card you wanna use for the payment

Cust: Ugh I dont have my card with me. It is upstairs and I am downstairs right now. I cant be bothered to go upstairs. How else can I pay?

Me: Well, other than this way their was the website you tried earlier but you said it didnt work, but the thing is the card number would be needed to do it that way as well, you would need to enter it in

Cust: Ugh this is ridiculous you make it so hard to pay. No wonder I missed my last bill. I guess I will just mail a check. Bye.

Cust then hung up. No, I didnt waive her late fee, I couldnt be bothered to do so just like she couldnt be bothered to get her card from upstairs. Now she will have to write a check, get an envelope, get a stamp and then drive to a mail box to mail it.

And yes, when I noted on her account I did mention we tried to do the payment but she couldnt be bothered to walk upstairs and get her debit card she wanted to use

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