We won’t change our process for you

Background: I work for a call center who handle the rewards points of certain banks. Very secure stuff. When an order is placed online for a high value, we place the order on hold and call the client. No email because bank security you know.

On to the little story: Client call in. Me: “Scripted opening” Client: I want to follow up on this order. Locate account, do verification, see what’s happening Me: Alright, I see your order, due to the size we placed your order on ice to protect your account. We tried to contact you on (date) but the line got answered and hung up. If you didn’t call we would have called you in a few days. Client : Yea I don’t answer those calls, so many scam calls these days, you should contact me another way. Me:(how calls show the name of your bank…) I understand, but we can’t send email for these for the protection of your account.

Call ended properly, but I still don’t understand the sheer number of people who think we will bend everything to their wills

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