Things to do at a strict call center

So I’ve read a lot of things that say read, get on your phone, surf the internet, but the only problem is the clean desk policy. We can’t have any kind of paper or pencils, no electronics (even smart watches), and our computers don’t have internet at all, just shortcuts to teams and our programs. On agent axis I found a document that I can draw on but that’s it. And on top of that it’s inbound calling so I get like 50 calls for an 8 hour shift :p I have only worked for less than a week and I’m out of stuff to do. There is a wordpad and drawing is fun but I’m out of stuff to draw and writing seems counterproductive since I can’t save it. Just hoping someone knows something I could bring in or something fun to draw! Sorry if this was all rushed and doesn’t make much sense, but I’m ready to answer any questions! Thank you so much in advance 🙂

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