IT worker of 40 years calls bank insisting the website is broken when it’s an issue on his end

As the title says. Here’s the full story. IT= Him

IT: I’ve been trying to access your website for a week now and it always gives me the message “the url you requested is not available, please contact your administrator!” How long is your website going to be down?

Me: Sir, it’s not an issue with our website, it’s something on your end. Possibly with your network or internet provider.

IT: No, it’s not. Can’t you put in a ticket for the support people to fix it?

Me: No sir, unfortunately we cannot put in a ticket. The website isn’t down, otherwise we would have been notified.

IT: Well I’ve been working in IT for 40 years and I KNOW it’s your website! But whatever, goodbye! disconnects

I’m definitely no computer or IT expert, but a simple Google search of “the requested URL is not available” told me it’s usually an issue with corrupted cookies. But what do I know, I’m just a stupid bank employee apparently 🤷‍♂️

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