Regular caller who just reads something unintelligible

I work at a big bank call centre in Australia and we have a regular caller who gives us his full name and then goes into an unintelligible drone speech for like a minute before thanking you and hanging up.

I’ve worked in this call centre for about a year, and most weeks I get a call from him. Occasionally more than once in a day. I’ve seen him wait over 45 minutes to do this. And I’ve been told he also calls other big banks in Australia, presumably to do exactly the same thing.

I’d love to hear if anyone in Australian banking call centres recognises the MO. Or even if you know wtf he is doing. I’m so fascinated by him, he’s so polite and very friendly before he starts his drone. His initials are DRJ.

Do other call centres get these weird repeat callers? It seems to have no purpose. Or does it?!

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