A Disaster of a Call

Happy Saturday! I work in auto/cycle insurance. My head is still hurting from this call.

So man calls in, I immediately glance at the notes and see a flag regarding an call earlier today. A woman who wasn’t on the policy was upset because a payment was pulled from her card. We couldn’t provide any info to her as she’s not on the policy and told her to have the insured give us a call. So I verify him and he explains to me that this payment had to be sent back to his friend’s card, he didn’t authorize the policy to be enrolled in auto pay with the agent, his friend is freaking out, etc. I apologized, sometimes local agents don’t seem to pay attention and make that mistake, but we can easily fix it by taking a replacement payment so we can send it back.

He didn’t want to make a replacement payment. He wasn’t planning on making a payment in the first place. Well, then we can’t return the payment to her directly. I offered him another possible solution: paying his friend back directly and we get auto pay taken off so this never happens again. He doesn’t wanna do that either as she was too upset and freaked out to deal with him. He went on to tell me that he wasn’t gonna pay because he was planning on selling his car Monday.

So the insured demanded to pull the call when he spoke with the agent to show he didn’t agree to the auto pay. I apologized again, we can’t pull the call as it wasn’t directly done through us but a different agency. All I could provide was the new business documents he signed showing he signed the automatic payment authorization agreement form. This made him more upset and like a record kept saying he didn’t authorize this.

Finally, I advise him that when he sells the car, get the receipt from the DMV showing he turned in his tags. Now fun fact time: we can’t cancel his policy within the first 60 days without proof of him selling the car or turning in the tags… because it’s Florida. And Florida loves to be picky about their auto insurance. Told him, we can cancel the policy only if he can provide that receipt. And of course I had to open my mouth and tell him that I couldn’t guarantee a full refund for that payment because, y’know, cancellation penalty plus extra days of coverage from the payment date.

Y’all this call wore me out. If any of you don’t know much about insurance or whatever it is you may be signing: PLEASE read through the documents. Ask questions before signing. I know it can be tedious and boring but it’s better than getting into situations where you may get the short end of the stick due to not reading what you’re signing.

TL;DR: insured says he didn’t authorize agent to enroll him in auto pay, we have a signed contract saying we do. Payment pulled from his friend’s card he used to start the policy and she big mad. Insured then refuses to try to use options provided to fix the problem. I get a headache

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