I’m a Trump Supporter so you closed my account!

So I got a pretty interesting call from my customer.

He calls in asking why his credit card was closed out, I explained it to him that his CC was inactive since 2019 and was closed back in 2020 (This was before the election and all this craziness)

And here’s what he answered back:

CM: Ive heard your bank was planning to slowly cut us Trump supporters out, so I guess its happening now. You closed my credit card because I’m a trump supporter.

Me: No sir we didnt, we dont use politcal reasons to close our customers account. You mentioned it yourself, the last time you used your card was way back in early 2019, and this was closed down even before the election.

Cm: of course you’d tell me that, you wont tell us trump supporters that you closed it because you oppose Trump. You closed my account because Im a supporter. You yourself oppose Trump too I assume thats why youre being rude to me.

Me: * confused as to how was I being rude when I had my perky (no matter how tone it down) voice on * I’m from the Philippines sir, I’ve no opinion regarding US politics, so we’re not biased.

Cm: whatever good bye!

  • ends call *

Sorry for the format, on phone.

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