I’m not a racist!!

(TLDR: he was indeed a bit racist)

Older Guy calls in because he wants to start an account, proceeds to ramble: (C- customer M- me)

C- I used to be a roofer, so I don’t know about anything that doesn’t go on a roof.

M- That’s no problem, nobody knows everything!

C- Well, I don’t know Spanish, and you can’t make me learn it!

M- Okay, well the good thing is that setting up your account doesn’t require any sort of Spanish!

C- I’m not a racist, though.

M- Of course not, sir, I wouldn’t ever imply that.

C- You might not, but my daughter says it all the time!

M- I see, well I sure am definitely not gonna say something like that:)

C- You know what? This is my country you can learn my language! I could have been a contractor, but those folks told me I had to learn Spanish to talk to the workers! That’s why I’m a security guard now!!

M- Oh really? I bet that is interesting work.

C- Yeah, don’t have to talk to no foreigners at my job now!

M- Okay sir, well, it has been a pleasure speaking with you, I’m going to go ahead and get you to our credit department so we can see about opening an account with a credit check.

(Our credit department is almost always going to be someone whose first language is not English haha)

The end.

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