This guy was pretty dumb.

him. I want to cancel coverage on 1/31/2031 if my price is set to go up in February.

me. ok i’m checking on that. During this time I was reading his contract.

him. have you ever done this before?

me. Getting internally exasperated. Yes and your price will go up to X in February.

him. Ok then I want to cancel.

me. Your coverage is canceled effective 1/31/2021. What else can I help you with today?

him. Could I get a confirmation number?

me. Generates a confirmation number and provides it to him.

him. Can I re enroll into coverage if I change my mind?

me. No.

him. But the booklet said I could have coverage for up to 24 months.

me. I explain to him that after he cancels he’s locked out. You can’t opt in whenever you need it.

I don’t know what he was expecting after asking me if I’ve ever processed a cancellation before.

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