I’m not a Karen

This customer called me. A product that she was returning had not been scanned in by the delivery service we typically use. She had called them and then had called us, going back and forth. She just wanted to return the item and get her refund, determined to not look like a lying liar.

I thanked her for her dedication and told her that she didn’t have to go through all of the effort. We always give the customer the benefit of the doubt here at SHOESRUS (obviously not my company’s real name). The customer states that it was the principle of the matter and that this delivery company often jerks her around. She called back a short while and I get her call again, which I am pleased about because honestly, this woman is hilarious.

She tells me, “I told them what time I came in to drop off my package, and everything that was on the label, because I always document everything. They still insisted I hadn’t brought anything in and refused to look at the cameras until I told them I would be calling the police for theft.”

They finally listened to her and looked at the tapes, and what do you know? She DID drop off the item to return back to us!

I went through our normal procedure for this and the delivery company did an investigation, but the customer wanted to chat a bit more about it. Really wanted to express her hatred for this delivery service. She then said something that I hold very dearly to my heart.

“I am not a Karen. I am a Belinda with an attitude.”

Since then I have decided whenever someone is being a “Karen”, but in the situation, they are actually 100% in the right, they are not a Karen. Just a Belinda with an attitude.

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