How do you deal with your own anger when handling absurdly stupid customers?

I search online for this, but surprise surprise, there are only articles in how to deal with angry customer, but no how to deal with your own anger when dealing with customer.

So I work with this very famous online shopping platform across South East Asia. And lately, I just feel like I can’t deal with the anger and resentment anymore. Especially now that most of us are working from home, it’s nearly impossible to get an instant answer from your supervisor or colleague when some shit happened. It’s insane. The product knowledge alone is so extensive, and we had to deal with both buyers and sellers. There are no separate CS for sellers inquiry, we just had to answer them all.

The thing is, CS knowledge for sellers are always changing. There’s always a monthly mega sale, monthly campaigns, change of SOPs and we just have roll with it without proper knowledge on each and every one of them. Most of the time, it was always sellers that drive me into this rage because they can be SO DUMB sometimes and their demands, oh wow, their demands exceeds the buyers.

I just need some support I supposed.

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