Note to my future kids, NEVER get a job at a call center…even if the money is amazing

I’m 19, working full time at a governement call centre job during the day, and I also have school full time during the night. It wouldn’t be a problem if my job wasn’t a daily torture. And I’ve only been out of training for a month now.

The reason why I am staying is for the money and I also don’t want to disppoint my parents. But mannnnn, I’d rather off myself than go to job every day. I’m usually a hands on person, working beyond my job’s expectations. I told myself “hey government job, that should be good for the CV. How bad can it be? Just answer calls all day, don’t need to run around…it’s the easiest job!”

Boy was I wrong!!! I feel like I’m dying. I am teleworking from home, and I don’t know if it would be better in person because even if I was working in person and interacting with my colleagues, I still would feel like an outcast. They are all 35 and above, they have university degrees, kids and they have settled for this job. For me, this job is just another experience, another way to boost my CV and a money maker. That’s it.

And all the legal aspects are terrifying. I am afraid of committing a privacy breach, so much so that sometimes I have nightmares where I divulged information to a wrong client, and then I can’t sleep anymore.

This is too much for me, but I have to keep at it till at least january 1 2021. My friends, even if the money is good, don’t get the job.

The only benefit I got from working there is motivation to never end up at a call center job in the future. To work my ass off in the future and get a better job and a happy job.

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