Why don’t agents warn you when the customer is upset?!

I had a warm transfer this afternoon, but there was no mention of the customer being angry/upset/being on the phone for an hour etc.

So of course, I take the call (move out for electricity) and proceed BAU, asking all the questions I HAVE to ask (or get dinged by quality).
EVERYTHING was an argument with this guy. Everything I asked he’d told someone else. Every time I started a sentence, he interrupted.

He was so abusive and rude I actually couldn’t breath on the call (checked my blood pressure afterwards and it was 174/156 or something)

Why are customers like this? I even said to him “I know you’ve gone through this but I haven’t and I need to make sure nothing is missed” – and seeing as he apparently organised the move out, but nothing had been booked – SOMETHING HAD BEEN MISSED.

Anyway. Rant over. I hate angry customers. I hate having no warning that I’m about to have an angry customer, and I hate my job.

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