"Then I’ll go to another company!"

I work for a car rental company as a specialist. Basically when a customer demands a supervisor I take the call.

I’m not very tech savvy when it comes to the automated system. I know it asks you a few simple questions (like the pick up and drop off location, discounts, profile, etc.), but I never learned if it’s capable of creating a Reservation for the customer or if the agent needs to finish the process.

In any case, no system is perfect, there will be times where the information you just provided gets lost and you’ll have to start from scratch. Well, this one customer wouldn’t accept that…

H: HenriquesDumbCousin C: Customer

H: Thank you for calling Rental Car Company, my name is HenriquesDumbCousin and I’m a Supervisor for Reservations. May I have your name please?

C: You’re a supervisor?

H: Yes, I”m a supervisor sir.

C: Good!

H: How can I help you?

C: I called your company to make a reservation, the automated system took all my information, then it transferred me to your agent and she asked me for all the information again!

H: I apologize to hear that, sir.

C: Why would you have an automated system ask me all these questions and then transfer me to an agent who doesn’t know anything?

H: I wouldn’t really have an answer for that, sir.

C: Well, someone must have all the information I provided to the automated system!

At this point the guy is delusional, so I offer him my assistance.

H: Sir, I’ll be happy to make you a reservation, but we’ll require to start from scratch.

C: Then I’ll go to another company.

H: So be it.

Awkward silence

Cust hangs up

I think the guy was having a bad day and when this happened he simply lost it. Have some air, grab a drink, but don’t call me and tell me “you’re going to another company” for a slight inconvenience. Just give me the pick up and drop off locations, dates and the type of vehicle you want, and I’ll get you the rates, simple as that.


What’s the purpose of the automated system?

The way I understand it, it’s to provide the agents the pick up location, profile (if the customer has one) or customer’s name, and discounts. At the very least that’s how it worked for me back when I made reservations. I don’t know if it’s capable to make the entire reservation on its own.

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