The other day, a caller came in already irate because a department store couldn’t fulfill his order until tomorrow for pick up. He had just placed it a couple hours before calling us.

**The caller did swear, mostly because of the merchant, and given how irate he was and how drained I was feeling, I just let him vent. I normally warn callers but I did not have the energy for this one**

Caller= Mr. Entitled

Me: How are you doing today, Mr. Entitled?

Mr. Entitled: Not great and I hope you can fix my problem. I placed an order at FancyDepartmentStore (FDS) two hours ago and you should see it on your end.

Me: Yes, I see the pending charge for FDS today for the amount of-

Mr. Entitled: *not even allowing me to finish talking* Yeah, anyway, I placed a pickup order for a wallet and I was supposed to get it an hour later and these people at FDS told me they couldn’t have it ready until TOMORROW. I need (want) it TODAY

Me: *rolling my eyes* That’s certainly frustrating.

Mr. Entitled: I ordered SPECIFICALLY because it said it would be ready in an hour. Well guess what, IT WASN’T. And they won’t cancel my order so I have to buy it somewhere else. I need you to either cancel the charge or dispute it for me because I’M NOT PAYING FOR IT.

Me: As it is currently pending, I cannot open a dispute and cancellations of orders must be done directly with the merchant.

Mr. Entitled: Did you not listen to me???? I told you these people won’t cancel the order. These f**king idiots lied to me and now they won’t fix their f**k up. I live in AMERICA and I feel like I’m living in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY with the way I was treated. And you’re telling me you can’t do anything?

Me: I understand your frustration but I am unable to open the dispute. The dispute can definitely be opened if needed-

Mr. Entitled: *interrupting me again* I have to dispute it, these people won’t help me.

Me: As I was saying (before you rudely cut me off), a dispute can be opened but the charge must post before we can do so.

Mr. Entitled: So I have to waste my time and call you again tomorrow to open the dispute? That’s just f**king great.

Me: You can call us but you can also open the dispute on our website to save time if you would rather not call us again.

Mr. Entitled: Well, I don’t want to open the dispute on the website. *insert weird excuse* (Tough luck then)

Me: We can also set up alerts to where you’ll be notified when the charge posts and that’s when you can contact us to open the dispute. Would like me to set that up for you?

Mr. Entitled: Yeah and then you guys will open the dispute automatically for me?

Me: *rubbing my head* We can set up the alerts for you but you will still need to call us or open the dispute on the website.

Mr. Entitled: Well then there’s no point to having the alerts set up if I have to put in the work to call you again and I don’t want to go on your website. I thought I lived in a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY where you could handle this.

Me: *wishing this call would end* There is no way where we can have the dispute automatically created when the charge posts. Again, I can set up the alerts and if you still need to dispute, you can call us when the charge posts or open the dispute on the website.

Mr. Entitled: The alerts are useless then (????). This has been a waste of my time. You’re telling me you can’t do anything. I need to find another bank that can actually f**king do something for me.

Me: I won’t set up the alerts then. If you have no further questions, thanks for calling MyBank, have a nice day. *click*

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