Dont apply for a call center

I’ve worked for call center company for 4 years…I know right? How tf I survived that long? My first 3 yrs were doable… I did not realize how much a call center toxic customers and negative leadership can really affect your MENTAL health…until now. I’m constantly fighting my depression but also maintaining a positive attitude and very sweet while customers on the line are literally talking to me like sht, they verbally abuse you belittle you and place words in your mouth and accuse of sht you didnt even say , I’m glad calls are being recorded but it’s really unfortunate that our leadership coaches us to be nice be quite just listen to the cust let them take all their anger on you , were getting paid for it blah bla blahh…. this line may brainwash some agents ….but not me – A NORMAL HUMAN BEING can only take so much being disrespected, and forced to take it and be nice . Makes no dam sense , I get in trouble when I politely place a customer in their place . So there I am sitting there listening to this irate customer. Like my goodness …TELL ME WHAT THE FKN PROBLEM IS- IL TELL YOU THE SOLUTION END OF CALL. I understand covid has the world jack tf up but dammm lol

So who ever is looking for employment at a call center Dont do it I’m putting my 2 weeks in cause working on the dialer , back to back irate customers ? Every 5 mins every hour? Trust me

Your personality will drain Your mood will deteriorate The call center stupid customers who call and waste time trying to argue are the main ENERGY DRAINERS. …. poor leadership who also miserable but tell you the same script Poor leadership who will blame you on why the customer is upset. The list goes on…

This job is not worth me risking my mental health… fck this job.

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