The last time we ever heard from ‘Fred’s plumbing’ and why you really should invest in a nice pair of overalls

In the Scam Home Warranty business, the people are represented by two separate but equally lazy groups: The Authorization agents, who deny claims and smoke like chimneys, and the technicians who lie through their teeth to snag a few extra bucks. These are their stories CLICK CLICK

(Background)Welcome to Georgia.

We had a tech down there who spoke as though he was a text-to-speech robot reading off a 3rd graders plagiarized essay on what plumbing is. He had an apprentice who spoke like he was that 3rd grader.

Many customers had a problem with them. This is one of those stories, the last one in fact as he never called back.

It’s a grim September afternoon and I just took my second swig of Dayquil for the hour. I haven’t missed a shift once since I started there last year, and I intended on keeping it that way.

Call comes in and I see its “Fred.”

Fred is a slow talker and incoherent, prone to fits of coughing and random divergences from the plot of the call but I prefer talking to him than his apprentice.

Tech: “Yeah gotta claim for you incoherent noises its #.”

Me: [reads customer service notes which read as follows:

IB customer, irate, wants claim reassigned. States tech arrived late in a beatup junker, did not leave car sent toothless guy who looked like a meth addict to door to demand service call fee. Refused to pay until saw identification. Tech got out of car revealing covered in stained overalls with a rip up the middle holding a lit cigarette screamed at customer to pay him or else. Cust asked techs to leave. Tech spit on lawn called cust a w*ore said he’d be back for his money. Cust called police who are en-route to take statement.]

Tech: “I want ya to reassign this here claim. That lady was crazy, wouldn’t let us in the house and called me some racist stuff when we tried to diagnose her toilet.”

Me: (typing quickly, do note that her claim was for a sink not a toilet) “Ok I reassigned it.”

Tech: “I wanna talk to vendor relations, see about getting my service call for the day because we did go out there, racist customer or not.”

Me: “Absolutely.” click

Epilogue: That tech never called in again. Notes on the claim were never updated. No idea what happened but not having to hear that guy was music to my ears. That said, back when I used to work as an Electrician I bought 4 pairs of overalls and they lasted me over a year. You have no idea how much room is in a pair of those. Cargo pants pale in comparison when you can fit half a toolbox on your person and keep both hands free anyway.

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