I currently work for a really big corporation that is the butt of several ‘weird people of (corporation)’ jokes. That should tell you everything you need to know. I am ‘support’ for their grocery pickup/delivery program that is, to put it nicely, a train wreck.
Lady: Hi, I placed an order and I think it got canceled? I just wanted to get my money refunded. (She’s nice and calm, very soothing voice. I am perplexed since this doesn’t really happen.)
Me: I’m sorry about that, may I have the order number so I can make sure to get that refunded to you?
Lady: Oh I don’t have a number I just figured you could pull me up with my phone number?
Me: (Rolling my eyes because I am required to verify who they are by getting an order number or email address) I’m so sorry, the only way I can get it up is with an order number or email address;
Lady: Oh, well that sucks because you have $300 tied up and I really need that back.
Me: (sighing to myself.) There’s one more way I can try pulling it up, but it’s only if you absolutely don’t have the order number; I need the exact amount you were billed, and the last 4 digits of the card it was billed to; (This is something we only offer in a situation where nothing else can find it)
Lady: That’s so invasive, I don’t know if I’m comfortable giving my credit card information out;
Me: (My blood has begun to boil; Honestly how does anyone expect any help if they can’t provide information?) I’m sorry but without anything I can’t pull this up; I CAN say that if the order was canceled, we release the fund immediately but it can take between 3-5 business days for your bank to approve it; That might be why it’s taken so long.
Lady: Holy shit you guys suck I can’t believe you THIEVING SCAMMERS have TAKEN MY MONEY! And won’t give it back!?
Me: (What in the fuck you were so nice until now) We release the funds immediately, you will most likely need to contact your bank about this so make sure it gets approved? Sometimes banks will work with you if you really need it back – ”
Lady: MY bank won’t do that! First you cancel my order and now you’re stealing my money and blaming my bank!? Where are you located? Are you in the south?
Me: (Very confused at this point what that has to do with this; Neither of us have a southern accent and I can’t think of any other thing that was said that would give that away) Uh… I’m in Oregon.
Lady: (scoffs) Of course you are; You know I would be much less angry if had just apologized for the issue but you can’t even do that; You fuckin Yankey (Click)
Me: What. (I have literally never had a customer go from very polite and kind to screaming at me in under ten minutes.)

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