“You better cut me a check for making me do all the leg work!”

First time posting here.

I work in auto/cycle insurance. I don’t know if there was a full moon or something last week, but at least once a day I got someone screaming at me for something.

I get an older man on the phone for his motorcycle policy he recently started with us about a month back. I can already see in the notes that he’s at least spoken to a sup once before. I already can feel where this call is going and I automatically mentally prepare myself for what’s to come.

Me: does greeting and verifies privacy info How can I help today, sir?

Caller: I got a letter here saying you guys took off my HOG discount! Why?!

M: Well, sir, to keep that discount we needed a copy or photo of your membership ID card to be email/faxed in. I can forward you our contact info along with your policy number so we can get this taken care of immediately.

C: I can’t email or fax it in.

M: Do you have any friends/family who can assist you sending it in?

C: No. Can I give you my ID# and their number and you can call them so you can give me the discount.

M: I apologize but I cannot do that. We are an incoming call center and do not do call outs. Even if I could that would not be considered acceptable proof per our company guidelines.

At this point we go in circles for a few minutes with him insisting I call them because that’s the only way and me repeating to him that it’s not gonna be sufficient proof.

C: This is ridiculous!! I just spent $2k on my policy for the year and you guys are make me do more work? I shouldn’t have to prove to you that I’m a member and now you’re making me pay more money and taking away my discount. You better be sending me a check for all the legwork I’m doing to keep my policy going!! This isn’t my job to do it’s yours! Now tell me why you can’t call them and have them verify that I’m a member?!

M: takes a moment to gather myself


TL;DR: caller was angry that a discount was taken off and I wouldn’t do what he wanted to put it back on since it wasn’t acceptable proof. Demanded we send him a check for doing my job.

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