“You people”

I’ve been working at a call center(now @home) for over three years and the most frustrating statement a customer could say is “ you people need to figure this out” like Ma’am/Sir, call into tech support is a group effort not just use snapping out fingers and everything just works. Take this customer for example: They called in cause they were having issues with their email profile, now I work for a cellular company, I have nothing to do with email profiles or email servers but apparently it was my fault that their email wasn’t working. The customer had called in four other times and got the same answer, which was to reach out to the email provider for profile assistance. But no they call their cellular carrier and repeatedly say, “you people need to fix this!”

Of course that call didn’t go anywhere kind of hard to fix a problem when we have no access the the server. Word to the wise, if you call your tech support team ready to do battle you won’t get anywhere but if you work WITH us we will move mountains!

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