The Madam Sheila is upset.

Just had a lady call, she introduced herself as Madam Sheila and referred to herself as “The Madam” throughout our conversation.

“I am Madam Sheila and I have a complaint.”

“The Madam received this notification from the emails and will be reading them to you.”

“After receiving compensation(getting her money back) The Madam believed that this problem had been dealt with.”

“The Madam has reached customer service, and desires to speak to any of your superiors regarding your dejective(not even a word) behavior.”

She called my line for a customer service problem, but wouldn’t let me get a word in to tell her that I’m not CS, so I can’t help her and I need to transfer her over. She spent 3 minutes explaining a drawn out problem she’s been having that should have been finished but a third party is trying to hit her with extra charges that she wants us to cover(which is something we do, but not on my phone line). She then spent another minute arguing that my line is CS and asked for a manager.

I sent her to customer service and she called back immediately bc “The Madam will not wait on hold.” I told her that was her only option and if she was unhappy, she could write an email complaint to CS about hold times. She sighed heavily and said “The Madam will wait, but only this once. And she is upset by it.”

Good riddance! The most theatrical Karen I’ve ever dealt with.

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